Sellers Guide

Sellers Guide

◈   When selling your property, one of the first and most important tasks is to obtain an accurate valuation. This is not simply a case of settling for the highest valuation, it is about trusting your agent to interpret the appetite and direction of the local property market to deliver an accurate valuation that will ensure your home will sell for the best price possible and in a time scale that suits your needs.

◈   When instructing an estate agent, you need to consider their prominent office location, internet presence and the quality of the marketing you will receive. These factors are crucial in obtaining the best exposure and highest price for your property.

◈   You should also check if your agent will provide an Energy Performance Certificate which is a legal requirement for you or if you will need to arrange this yourself?

◈   City Fox can arrange an Energy Performance Certificate if required.

◈   There are many methods that can be used to drum up interest in your property. Before choosing an agent, find out how they market their properties. Do they use photography that will represent your property in the best light? Do they advertise in local newspapers? Visit their website and see how their properties are advertised online.

At City Fox we use the following to advertise our client's properties:

◈   Window displays in branch

◈   Telephoning buyers we think would be interested in your property (particularly those we know will work well with your timescales and price expectations)

◈   Email buyers we think would be interested in your property (particularly those we know will work well with your timescales and price expectations)

◈   Brochures for issuing in branch, at viewings and via the post which will contain accurate floor plans, dimensions and professional photography

◈   Internet promotion on our City Fox website and other marketing portals such as Zoopla

◈   'For Sale' signs (if acceptable by the local authority)

◈   First impressions count, so the correct presentation of your property is an important consideration. Uncluttered rooms appear larger and more appealing. A well maintained and newly decorated property can be more attractive to potential purchasers

◈   We offer accompanied viewings so we can use our expertise to help sell your property. Listening to feedback from viewings can be helpful to determine how to make your property more attractive to buyers.

◈   It is important to be prepared for potential buyer's questions such as; which fixtures and fittings are included? What are the neighbours like? What are your reasons for moving? We recommend discussing your answers with our staff to consider answers which will not disadvantage you to buyers. This will also ensure we are on the same page if the buyer asks the questions of your estate agent after the viewing.

◈   City Fox will handle negotiations between you and the buyer. It is important that you consider how much you would be prepared to accept if a buyer offers a price different from the asking price. The buyer's position may impact your decision. Consideration should be given to the position and ability of the buyer along with the price being offered and how they fit in with your requirements, are they paying cash, do they already have a mortgage "agreed in principle", are they first time buyers, are they in a short chain, or can they work to your timescales better than other buyers?

◈   Whatever happens, you should never feel pressured into accepting an offer you are not comfortable with - estate agents are acting on your behalf, not the buyers, so we will work with you to get the best price. Your estate agent will be able to advise you as they will be taking into account the response to the marketing so far, interest from any other parties and any recent comparable sales.

◈   Once negotiations have reached a positive conclusion and you are happy to accept an offer, you will need to instruct a property solicitor / conveyancer if you haven't already done so. City Fox will then issue a memorandum of sale detailing the specifics of the sale and circulate it to all parties.

◈   Your solicitor will send out a draft contract to the buyer's solicitor so they can undertake the necessary enquiries and arrange a survey on your property.

◈   We will assist you and your Solicitor throughout and keep you informed every step of the way.

◈   When the contract has been signed by both parties, the deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price) has been received and the solicitors are satisfied everyone is ready to proceed.

◈   Your completion date will normally be set at this stage, around two weeks after the exchange.

Exchange of contracts occurs when all of the enquiries have been answered, such as:

◈   If you require a mortgage then your bank will normally insist on Mortgage Valuation to establish that the property is good security for the loan.

◈   The Preliminary enquiries following receipt of draft contract

◈   Evidence of a good title

◈   Specific issues highlighted in the Lease, if applicable

◈   Local search queries

◈   Fixtures and fittings to be included in the sale

◈   The buyer's mortgage offer

◈   Completion occurs when the balance of the monies are paid to the sellers solicitors.

◈   Once the seller’s solicitors have confirmed receipt of funds, they will authorise City Fox to release the keys to the new buyer.

◈   Congratulations, your property is now sold!

◈   Before you leave remember to take meter readings and re-direct your post. We recommend you leave some notes for the new owner to explain how things work and where to find the essentials such as the boiler switch etc, they are sure to be appreciative (which may be helpful in redirecting any of your post!)

◈   To arrange for a “Free Valuation” or if you have any questions regarding the sale of your property you can call us on 020 7791 5333 or fill in the valuation request form and we will be happy to assist you further.

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If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7791 5333 or email

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